"Ihre Praxis mit Aussicht"


The Dr. Monika Vogler dental practice caters for patients of all ages, from babies to grandparents. We regard ourselves as the centre of choice for a variety of tooth and masticatory apparatus problems.

Our twin philosophy – the preservation of your teeth and health. The patient as a whole person is our main preoccupation.

Our time is yours. We and you together can find solutions for your problems.
We do not simply see each individual tooth as important. Instead, when we make a diagnosis we see everything as part of the whole masticatory system and the surrounding structures. The treatment plan will be worked out with you in detail and will take in your requirements and financial circumstances as well as the medical and aesthetic aspects.

Our services cover a wide range – from preliminary care for pregnant women to the care of teeth in old age.

The practice specialises in prevention, the treatment of children, the dentistry of children, the aesthetic aspects of dentistrytooth replacement (including implants), treatment of gum diseases and the jaw joint and also treatment with general anaesthetic. The range of services is supplemented by arrangements with specialists in a wide range of disciplines (e.g. anaesthetists, jaw orthopediatricians and surgeonsphysiotherapists etc.).

Prepare to be surprised by our full and finely detailed service at every point in your time with us.

Our objective is the preservation of your oral health.

„Our aspirations are our possibilities.“ Robert Browning